Persiflage Saxophone Quartet
From stately baroque to funky tango
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Janet Hoare is a Bingham-based music teacher who founded Persiflage in 2004. Although her first instrument is clarinet, her first love is the saxophone. Although trained in the classical style, she also enjoys the freedom of expression that contemporary arrangements give her.



Jeff Fry recently retired as Associate Professor of Toxicology in the University of Nottingham. He plays clarinet and bass clarinet in various groups, but takes the tenor sax part in Persiflage. 



Jill O'Sullivan is a PR professional who normally works with words. When she plays with Persiflage, however, she lets her soprano sax do the talking.


Phil Rathbone is a GP based in the Vale of Belvoir. He plays the baritone sax with a smooth style that anchors everything that Persiflage play - but when he gets a solo, he shows how the baritone sax can really sing.